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I think about this a lot


Because, obviously you can’t care about both humans and animals? Look, I get that PETA is a crazy ass organization (one that is also cruel to animals???) but attacking people for caring about animal welfare is kind of rude and pointless. And attacking someone for needing medication (which i believe is now able to be produced synthetically anyway) is really fucking low. 

Also “but  what about the people who pick your vegetables?” is such a stupid argument for meat eaters to make because a) yes, I care about them too and b) do you think someone different picks *your* vegetables, or the ones that feed the animals that you eat? 

Do not let a man tell you that you do not have a right to education


I am not a homemaker
I want to devour ancient texts
Become ferociously intelligent
to take life by the balls with no regard for the repercussions
So don’t you dare
Tell me I have no right to an education for the sake of my gender


You hold death between your lips it’s a metaphor.


You hold death between your lips it’s a metaphor.



Steve Rude’s Wonder Woman <3

I struggle to see this Diana in the DCnU’s Wonder Woman.


Do you ever stop to think about how many characters there have been on Teen Wolf who have dimples?

I mean, god damn, we have Scott, Allison, Derek, Lydia, AND Danny. That’s four out of the five or six main characters (depending on the season you’re looking at), plus a recurring side character who ends up smiling almost every time we see him.

That is ENTIRELY TOO MANY DIMPLES for one show, like what the fuck. Put those away, don’t you know they’re a safety hazard??